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Latest News

Product updates and press releases from CorTechs Labs

CorTechs Labs Announces Health Canada/Santé Canada License for NeuroQuant

February 1, 2016
CorTechs Labs expands market reach into Canada for NeuroQuant®, the leading volumetric brain imaging solution...

CorTechs Labs and GE Healthcare Collaborate to Enable NeuroQuant® Within GE Health Cloud Ecosystem

January 26, 2016
CorTechs Labs and GE Healthcare to empower MRI scanners with quantifiable clinical insights (San Diego,...

CorTechs Labs Announces Official Support of Nuance PowerScribe 360 in NeuroQuant®

November 29, 2015
Collaboration provides automatic generation of NeuroQuant volumetric data into radiology reports using PowerScribe® 360 (San...

CorTechs Labs Announces NeuroQuant Support of Toshiba Titan 3T MRI Scanner

November 19, 2015
CorTechs Labs increases physician access to volumetric MRI Processing with additional scanner option. (San Diego,...

CorTechs Labs Partners with Human Longevity Inc. to Bring Innovative Imaging Software and Data to HLI’s New Health Nucleus

October 20, 2015
CorTechs Labs’ imaging solutions are an important feature of Human Longevity Inc.’s new Health Nucleus....

Emerson Hospital Selects NeuroQuant for Quantifying Brain Volume Loss in TBI patients at the Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center

October 14, 2015
CorTechs Labs’ NeuroQuant provides valuable information to Boston area neurologists and radiologists in the assessment...

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