Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy Holidays from CorTechs Labs

Wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday season from CorTechs Labs. Our offices are closed Friday, December 23, Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2. Check back with us in 2017 for a new blog posts, new product developments and...
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Are You Positioning Patients Correctly for Accurate NeuroQuant Analysis?

In this post we discuss a case study detailing the importance of properly positioning and land marking the patient when performing a NeuroQuant® volumetric analysis. When positioning a patient on the MRI table, land marking the X, Y and Z...
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Automated Quantitative Imaging Measurements in Evaluating Brain Volume Loss: Learning Webinars

CorTechs Labs is excited to be the industry leader in developing advanced, automated medical device software that measures brain structure volumes from MRI images. Our FDA cleared (2006), CE marked (2014) and Health Canada licensed (2016) tools provide physicians with...
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