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Chief Executive Officer

DR. CHRIS AIRRIESSChief Executive Officer

Dr. Airriess is responsible for overseeing the product and technology development of the company. Previously, as COO and Chief Development Officer of California Stem Cell (now NeoStem Oncology), Dr. Airriess guided company operations through start-up into the clinical development phase of several therapeutic candidates, including FDA approval to begin a Phase III clinical trial in metastatic melanoma, helping to position California Stem Cell as a leader in cell-based therapeutics. Other positions held include Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia and Director of Scientific Computing for the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research and the Biomedical Informatics Research Network, both headquartered at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Airriess has a biomedical Ph.D. in cardiovascular physiology and has conducted post-doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge, UK and the University of Sydney, Australia.

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Director of Science and Engineering

DR. SEBASTIAN MAGDADirector of Science and Engineering

Dr. Magda leads all scientific research and is responsible for the development of existing and upcoming products. Prior to joining CorTechs Labs, Dr. Magda conducted research on image-based modeling and reconstruction at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Magda’s experience also includes image analysis, robotics, and computer vision. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

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Director of Regulatory Affairs

KORA MARINKOVICDirector of Regulatory Affairs

Ms. Marinkovic is responsible for Quality Assurance and ensuring regulatory compliance to government and industry standards. Prior to assuming this position, she was CorTechs’ Director of Sales and Marketing, where she also served as the Quality Assurance Manager. Ms. Marinkovic holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of La Verne and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Zagreb. She also holds a professional certificate in regulatory affairs from the University of California, San Diego.

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Principal Scientist

DR. WEIDONG LUOPrincipal Scientist

Dr. Luo is responsible for advancing current technology and new product development. Prior to joining CorTechs, Dr. Luo served as the Principal Imaging Scientist and the Director of Imaging Physics of Naviscan Inc. Dr. Luo was trained in the National Institutes of Health for his doctoral study and holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Catholic University of America and a bachelor’s degree from Xiamen University.

Scientific Advisory Board

Meet the renowned industry professionals who work closely with CorTechs Labs in support of our scientific advancements and technologies.

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Founder of CorTechs

DR. ANDERS DALEFounder of CorTechs

Dr. Dale is a computational neuroscientist with extensive experience in multimodal neuroimaging methods. He played a key role in the development of functional neuroimaging methods, including event-related fMRI, and multimodal integration of MEG/EEG, fMRI, and structural imaging data. Dr. Dale is currently the founding Co-Director of the Multimodal Imaging Laboratory, an interdisciplinary imitative of the Departments of Neurosciences and Radiology at the University of California, San Diego. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas and studied at Harvard and MIT on a Fulbright Fellowship. From Harvard, he received a Master’s degree in Engineering Science. Dr. Dale earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego, where he began working on the development of accurate and automated algorithms for head segmentation.

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Chief Medical Advisor

DR. JAMES BREWERChief Medical Advisor

Dr. Brewer is the Chief Medical Advisor of CorTechs Labs and was the first physician to incorporate NeuroQuant® into clinical practice. He assisted in the design of the NeuroQuant reports and in the studies that led to NeuroQuant’s FDA clearance. Dr. Brewer received his M.D. and Ph.D. at Stanford Medical School. There, he used advanced structural and functional neuroimaging approaches to examine the role of the hippocampus in forming and retrieving memories. He completed his neurology residency training at Johns Hopkins. Afterward, he joined the faculty of the University of California, San Diego, where he has a joint appointment in Radiology and Neurosciences. Dr. Brewer sees patients at the University of California, San Diego and the Veterans Affairs Hospital in La Jolla. He directs the Imaging Core for the multi-institutional Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study and oversees the imaging of all enrolled subjects at the Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

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Board of Directors Member

ETHAN B. FOXMAN, M.D., PH.D.Board of Directors Member

Dr. Ethan Foxman is a practicing neuroradiologist who utilizes NeuroQuant in the assessment of neurodegenerative conditions. Dr. Foxman received his Ph.D. in physics from M.I.T. and his M.D. from Stanford University, after which he completed fellowship training in neuroradiology at the MGH-Harvard program. He is President & CEO of Jefferson Radiology, a leading radiology practice in the Northeast based in East Hartford, Connecticut, and a founding member of Strategic Radiology. Dr. Foxman has served as the Chair of Radiology at multiple hospitals and he is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology at Stanford University. At Goodwin College, he is Chair of the Foundation Board and a member of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Foxman lives in West Hartford, Connecticut. He has three children and his wife is an immunologist at Yale.

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Board of Directors Member

DR. ERIC HALGRENBoard of Directors Member

Dr. Halgren co-founded CorTechs, the predecessor company to CorTechs Labs, with Dr. Anders Dale in 1996. Dr. Halgren served as President of CorTechs until 2005 and was Principal Investigator of Small Business Innovation Research grants to CorTechs and CorTechs Labs concerning automated quantification of human brain structure and function, totaling five million dollars. Currently, Dr. Halgren is Professor of Radiology, Neurosciences, and Psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego. He is Vice Chair for Basic Research in the Department of Neurosciences (which includes Neurology at UCSD), Co-Director of the Multi-Modal Imaging Laboratory, Chair of the Committee on Campus and Community Environment, and Co-Director of the Training Program in Cognitive Neurosciences. He serves on the Executive Committees of the Kavli Institute for Mind and Brain, and the Center for Brain Activity Mapping. His current research, supported by the National Institutes of Health and the Office of Naval Research, concerns the fundamental neuroscience of sleep, memory, and cognition in humans, including the relationship between genetics and brain structure.