Distribution Partners

Distribution Partners

At CorTechs Labs, we form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to help accelerate healthcare solutions benefiting physicians and patients alike.



EnvoyAI facilitates the streamlined distribution and hospital implementation of trained machine learning algorithms via a vendor neutral distribution platform. EnvoyAI provides a developer platform, integrations, and an open API for algorithm developers, technology partners, and end users.

EnvoyAI assists research institutions and emerging AI companies in the translation and commercialization processes, starting with rapid deployment via a scalable, secure, cloud-based infrastructure with the ability to add local components to facilitate on-site deployments as well. EnvoyAI also works with distribution partners to make algorithms on the platform available to a very wide footprint of hospitals and, ultimately, to physicians. Learn more about EnvoyAI: www.envoyai.com



Invivo provides the complete clinical solution for neurologists, including state-of-the-art head coils, ESys fMRI, DynaSuite Neuro and DynaSuite Neuro with NeuroQuant®. Advances in MRI technology and analysis are revolutionizing the way neuroradiologists interpret MRI studies and the way neurosurgeons plan for procedures.

DynaSuite Neuro is an advanced MR review system designed for optimal workflow and repeatable analysis of adult and pediatric patients. It provides a multi-vendor solution for cross-platform hospitals (automated processing of perfusion, diffusion and fMRI with vessels, smart Fusion display with skull-stripped 3D, and any combination of results), and seamlessly integrates with top neurosurgical planning systems.

Invivo offers NeuroQuant® as an option to compliment the advanced applications of DynaSuite Neuro, which include perfusion, diffusion and functional MRI (fMRI). With these, data is automatically processed and displayed in predefined layouts which are customizable for each physician’s preference. Its simplified user interface provides neuroradiologists with the tools needed to analyze cases quickly and easily.

Olea Medical

Olea Medical®, a provider of advanced MR and CT imaging post-processing, designs and markets a suite of innovative medical imaging applications, Olea Sphere®, significantly improving diagnostic process and follow-up assessment. The company has established a strong credibility, through the domestication of cutting-edge technology, and partnerships with leading institutions worldwide. With proprietary Bayesian algorithms and optimization methods applied to medical imaging, today Olea Medical® is the recognized leader in standardized, vendor-neutral, advanced MR quantitative and qualitative image post-processing. Covering both morphologic and functional imaging, Olea Medical® post-processing solutions bring complex mathematics into clinical practice for easy access to accurate and robust biomarkers for enhanced diagnostic confidence and response-to-treatment assessment.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides powerful magnetic resonance imaging platforms with high-definition results and a comprehensive range of applications to address all clinical imaging needs. The company develops MR solutions that combine forward-thinking technology with an optimized patient experience.

GE Healthcare neuro-imaging technologies provide crucial anatomical, vascular, functional and metabolic insights into patients’ conditions. Their products offer visionary techniques to help capture visible results, even in the presence of motion and high magnetic susceptibility. With GE Healthcare, physicians have the exact information they need to help deliver a confident diagnosis.

Government Marketing and Procurement

Since 1999, GMP’s mission has been to offer its clients broad coverage of the federal market, including civilian and defense agencies.

GMP specializes in providing a complete service suite in the marketing and procurement arenas. Our partners rely on our reputation as industry leaders to market their products and solutions to all areas of government, while federal and local agencies rely on our expertise to provide guidance and knowledge through all stages of the procurement process.