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Fast, accurate and proven automated
FLAIR lesion quantification and visualization

LesionQuant™, a NeuroQuant product, takes clinical treatment planning and disease progression monitoring to the next level by combining FLAIR and 3D T1 image analysis to provide an optimized, easy-to-read FLAIR lesion and brain structure volumetric report, AND the ability to visualize lesions and lesion change.

Total number and volume of lesions

Lesion burden calculation

New and enlarging lesion number and volume

Anatomical lesion distribution

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Quantitative FLAIR lesion measurements and visualization aids to help in clinical treatment planning and disease progression monitoring.

Lesion Visualization

Easily Review & Identify Lesions and Changes in Lesions

Color-coded slice-by-slice review via FLAIR overlay available directly on your PACS or DICOM viewer.

left arrowLesion Visualization: Lesions are color-coded based on where they are anatomically located in the brain.

right arrowLesion Change Visualization: Lesions are color-coded to distinguish between increasing and decreasing volumes.

Lesion Change Visualization

LesionQuant Reports: Comprehensive Lesion and Brain Structure Volume Measurements

Quality-driven volumetric image analysis in optimized, easy-to-read reports.

LesionQuant FLAIR Lesion Report PLUS

LQ Plus

• Assess disease progression
• Examine anatomical lesion distribution
• Review current lesion volume and burden
• Evaluate 8 subcortical brain structure volumes

LesionQuant FLAIR Lesion Report

  • Assess disease progression
  • Evaluate 4 subcortical brain structure volumes