NeuroQuant: Making Images Worth More than 1,000 Words

I began to fully understand the anguish and distress of memory loss when someone in my family started experiencing it.

– Guri Stark,
CEO of CorTechs Labs

Guri and the CorTechs Labs team are committed to painting clearer pictures of brain anatomy to support physicians in making their clinical assessment of memory loss. Changes in brain anatomy, such as neurodegeneration, often accompany brain disorders.
To help physicians detect and quantify these changes, CorTechs Labs has developed NeuroQuant®, a powerful, FDA cleared, CE marked, and Health Canada licensed tool to automate the process of measuring   brain structures from MRI scans.
At CorTechs Labs,  we are passionate about advancing brain imaging science to serve patients with neurological conditions.

"Memories" Watercolor by Guri Stark


What is NeuroQuant* and the Age Related Atrophy Report?

  • NeuroQuant is breakthrough software designed for physicians to make for quantitative MRI measurement a routine part of clinical practice when assessing brain structure changes
  • Integrated into MRI software, NeuroQuant automatically segments and measures volumes of brain structures and compares them to our unique normative database for age and gender
  • The Age Related Atrophy report contains absolute and relative volumes of brain structures, which helps physicians identify neurodegneration (atrophy) and changes in brain anatomy
    • Hippocampal and ventricle volume measurements – structures that typically show significant atrophy in dementia patients
    • Hippocampal Occupancy Score (HOC) – An estimate of  atrophy based on ventricle expansion

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**To purchase prints of “Memories,” a watercolor created by Cortechs Labs CEO, Guri Stark, please click here. Guri painted this to capture his feelings toward getting old and toward dementia and memory issues (such as Alzheimer’s disease). All proceeds will be donated to Alzheimer’s Disease charities.

*NeuroQuant® is intended for automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures for a set of MR images. This software is intended to automate the current manual process of identifying, labeling and quantifying the volume of segmental brain structures identified in MR images.