Neurologists and Other Specialists

Improve your assessment of neurodegeneration in its earliest stages, and raise your attention to those cases where a more thorough workup for curable etiologies might be appropriate.

NeuroQuant is a breakthrough medical device that can make quantitative MRI measurement a routine part of your analysis. It brings sophisticated, accurate, and fully automated MRI post-processing capabilities to your desktop. This software provides you with a convenient and cost-effective means to quantify the volume of the hippocampus and other structures.

Facilitate Accuracy

In your practice and management with early diagnosis and predictive prognosis for your patients with cognitive complaints, some of which will have a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease, while others will, thankfully, have a curable mimic.

Demand Depth

From your radiologist in assessment of neurodegeration. “Mild involutional changes” and “age-appropriate atrophy” are no longer acceptable statements for the radiological report in the new age of quantitative radiology.

Identify Atrophy

Assess neurodegeneration in patients due to Alzheimer’s, frontotemporal dementia, corticobasalganglionic disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or traumatic brain injury.

Explore Brain Development

NeuroQuant provides a unique capability to compare the brain development of children as young as 3 to a normative database.

Review With Ease

Color-coded segmented brain structures for coronal, sagittal and axial images.

Improve Registration

To CT in surgical and radiosurgical planning with images that are corrected for Radonc and Nsurg.

Don’t Settle

For incomplete reads from your radiologist that do not report the important clinical finding of possible neurodegeneration seen by regional patterns of atrophy. Demand NeuroQuant segmental volumes instead.