Atrophy, Quantified.

Fast, accurate & proven automated brain image analysis.

NeuroQuant is a breakthrough medical device software that can make quantitative MRI measurement a routine part of clinical practice. It provides neurologists, radiologists, clinical researchers and imaging centers with a convenient and cost-effective means to get the reliable and objective results they need. NeuroQuant automatically segments and measures volumes of brain structures and compares these volumes to norms. Helping physicians reduce the subjectivity of their diagnostic process, NeuroQuant brings quantified measurements of neurodegeneration straight to the specialist’s desktop.

NeuroQuant provides neurologists, radiologists, neuroradiologists and clinical researchers quantitative measurements from MRI brain studies that can be used in conjunction with other clinical findings as part of their clinical assessment. NeuroQuant should not be used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool.

NeuroQuant is intended for automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures from a set of MR  images. This software is intended to automate the current manual process of identifying, labeling and quantifying the volume of segmentable brain structures identified on MR images.

NeuroQuant Features and Benefits

  • Used by medical professionals to quantify atrophy and assess neurodegenerative diseases
  • First FDA, CE marked, and Health Canada licensed software for volumetric MRI processing
  • Provides volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to a normative database adjusted for age, gender and intracranial volume
  • A powerful tool to help evaluate patients from ages 3 to 100
  • Automatic image segmentation from radiographic images (3D T1 MRI)
  • Supports the physician’s clinical impression with quantitative numbers
  • Provides clinicians with objective data to help in the assessment of patients’ prognoses and clinical courses
  • Helps physicians identify and assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages to aid in treatment and lifestyle planning for patients
  • Age Related Atrophy Report
  • Hippocampal Volume Asymmetry Report
  • Multi Structure Atrophy Report
  • Triage Brain Atrophy Report
  • Brain Development Report
  • General Morphometry Report

Perform ongoing evaluations over time to track rate of atrophy with longitudinal studies, indicated on the same report.

A unique, patented technology:

  • Delivers more accurate and consistent brain segmentation in all patients (ages 3-100)
  • Provides personalized segmentation vs one size fits all
  • Allows for segmentation of age ranges where anatomical changes in the brain happen more rapidly (children)
  • Validated over thousands of clinical cases
  • Greater scan-to-scan precision for longitudinal follow-up

The CorTechs Labs brain volume results with healthy cohorts is based on age and gender has been an integral part of the FDA cleared NeuroQuant solution.

  • Thousands of subjects in the NeuroQuant normative database
  • The normative database has been continuously enriched and tested over 10 years with thousands of clinical cases
  • NeuroQuant software has been used in over a hundred thousand clinical cases

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does NeuroQuant work?

In just a few minutes, with no user intervention, NeuroQuant

  1. Uses a high-resolution 3D T1-weighted sagittal, non-contrast-enhanced MRI scan
  2. Registers the image to Dynamic Atlas™
  3. Identifies and labels anatomical brain structures
  4. Quantifies the volumes of brain structures
  5. Compares the brain structure volumes to a unique normative database (adjusted for age, gender and cranial volume)
  6. Returns a new, full-volume, spatial corrected and automatically labeled dataset, along with printable patient reports

Can NeuroQuant be used in clinical practice worldwide?

Yes, NeuroQuant is FDA cleared (2006), CE marked (2014), and Health Canada licensed (2016).

Can NeuroQuant be used with PowerScribe 360?

Yes, NeuroQuant can now be integrated with PowerScribe® 360 to streamline dictation of NeuroQuant results.

System requirements
PowerScribe 360 integration works with both cloud based and locally installed NeuroQuant 2.0 systems.

  • NeuroQuant PowerScribe 360 subscription license from CorTechs Labs
  • CTXNode 2.2 or higher
  • NeuroQuant 2.0 or higher
  • PowerScribe 360

Is NeuroQuant reimbursable?

NeuroQuant has been cleared for marketing as a medical device by the US FDA [510(k) K061855]. Analysis performed with NeuroQuant may be appropriate for billing under existing CPT code for 3D volumetric image post-processing (76377).

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System Options for NeuroQuant

To meet our users’ unique needs, we offer an easy to access, cloud-based online solution as well as an onsite, locally installed solution.

Additional NeuroQuant Output

brain segmentation

Color-Blended Brain Segmentation

A color overlay of the 3D MR series enabling closer inspection on a PACS or other DICOM


Exportable Raw Data

Data is easily exported to a CSV file for research need