Fast, accurate, and proven automated brain image analysis

CT CoPilot is a radiology productivity solution that improves workflow efficiency, measurement accuracy, and clinical confidence by providing consistent views of head CT exams and automated quantitative measurements.

Seamlessly integrate CT CoPilot™ into your existing workflow to improve productivity, radiologist efficient, and enhance clinical decision-making.


Consistent Anatomical Alignment

CT CoPilot automatically registers and reformats head CT images to a proprietary atlas for standardized viewing of exams without modifying workflow.

Distinct Visibility of Change Overtime

Automatic co-registration and subtraction of current to prior exams, generating a subtraction series for improved conspicuity of change over time.

Automated Quantification

Automatic segmentation and quantification of lateral ventricle volume, intracranial volume, and midline shift index, and reporting of change over time.