Fast, accurate and proven automated lesion segmentation and quantification

Automatically label, visualize and obtain the volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures and lesions from MRI brain studies—within minutes. LesionQuant™ is a module within NeuroQuant® that combines T2 FLAIR with 3D T1 MR images to enhance your ability to identify and monitor the number and progression of brain lesions. Accurately visualizing lesions and lesion volume change enables you to deliver an efficient, objective assessment of disease activity, so you can determine the best course of treatment more quickly.

Regional Lesion Segmentation

Lesions are color-coded based on where they are anatomically located in the brain: Leukocortical, Periventricular, Infratentorial and Deep White

Individual Lesion Segmentation

Lesions are individually color-coded.

Lesion Volume Change

Lesions are color-coded to distinguish between increasing and decreasing volumes, when prior scans are available.

Assess Lesion Volume Changes

Longitudinal reporting enables to you monitor lesion volume and visually evaluate changes using color-coded FLAIR lesion overlays when a prior scan data is available. Calibrate the lesion segmentation with adjustable lesion detection thresholds.

Save Time

Your LesionQuant reports and segmented images are available in PACS in under 30 minutes to support your read with objective data.

Obtain a Complete Picture

Use quantitative measurements from MRI brain studies in conjunction with other clinical findings as part of your clinical assessment, treatment planning, and disease progression monitoring.

Objective Data

Objective volumetric lesion and brain structure data, including lesion burden, lesion volume and counts, and anatomical lesion distribution.

Flexible Reporting

Collect volumetric data of brain structure and new and enlarging lesions. Support your research by exporting a CSV file that includes a complete set of raw data.

Accurate Across All Ages

LesionQuant’s Dynamic Atlas™ technology has been validated over thousands of clinical cases allowing for segmentation of ages 3-100.


Hospitals & Imaging Centers

Enhance your facility’s ability to provide leading-edge solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic brain injury, for patients of all ages.

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Gain more significant insight into brain and body disorders by dramatically accelerating the time required to accurately count and evaluate lesion changes.

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Quickly provide referring physicians with comprehensive, objective data that integrates seamlessly with your existing PACS technology.

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