The LesionQuant FLAIR Lesion Report PLUS provides comprehensive volumetric information on lesions and eight brain structure volumes. The FLAIR Lesion report PLUS helps physicians in their assessment, clinical treatment planning and disease progression monitoring Multiple Sclerosis, as well as, other neurodegenerative conditions.


Evaluate Flair Lesions

The LesionQuant FLAIR Lesion Report provides volumes, counts and % ICV for all, new and enlarging lesions, and calculates lesion burden.

Evaluate Brain Structure Volumes

Current and prior volume with normative percentiles and volume and normative percentile change for eight brains structures with age and gender-matched reference charts.

Customizable User Settings

Physicians can tailor the minimum lesion size and minimum lesion separation parameters to their clinical needs.

Longitudinal Evaluations

A multi time point feature allows for quick and easy comparisons of brain structure volume changes at multiple scan intervals, on the same report.