Fast, accurate, and proven automated brain image analysis

Elevate your ability to quickly assess and closely monitor neurodegenerative brain disorders with reliable automated tools. NeuroQuant® is the first US FDA 510(k) cleared, CE marked, and South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, and Brazil approved medical device software for fully automated quantitative analysis of brain MR images. Easy to integrate with your existing PACS system, NeuroQuant provides volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to normative reference data adjusted for age, sex, and intracranial volume. 

Replace time-consuming manual processes with leading-edge automated technology that accelerates your analysis, so you can spend more time focusing on patients.

Quantify Information

Augment your clinical impression with objective, volumetric data and color-coded images of brain structures.

Save Time

Automatic image segmentation from radiographic images (3D T1 MRI) is available in PACS in 5-7 minutes.

Track Progression Over Time

If a patient ID is already in the system, NeuroQuant will pull prior data to perform ongoing multi-time point evaluations to assess brain structure volume changes over time—all indicated on the same report.

Diagnose & Plan Earlier

Identify and assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages to aid in treatment and lifestyle planning for patients.

Normative Reference Data

Normative reference data, based on the CorTechs Labs normative database, empowers NeuroQuant to provide comparisons of an individual’s brain structure volume measurements to a healthy population.

Change Visualization Output

The change visualization output provides a precise comparison of two 3D T1 scans and highlights the volumetric changes between time points in an easy to interpret heat map overlay.

Who Uses NeuroQuant?

Hospitals & Imaging Centers

Differentiate your services and increase your referrals. NeuroQuant provides your patients with cutting-edge quantitative MRI solutions.

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Dramatically reduce the amount of time required to confidently assess neurodegeneration of brain structures. Obtain critical data within minutes, not days.

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Reduce ambiguity by providing your referring physicians with reliable information about neurodegeneration using standard 3D T1-weighted brain images.

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Products and projects for COVID-19 research and patient care 

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