The NeuroQuant Age Related Atrophy report helps physicians in the assessment of patients with cognitive impairment and memory loss, providing objective quantitative measurements of neurodegeneration of the hippocampus and inferior lateral ventricles, which is especially helpful in the evaluation of neurodementias.


Evaluate Brain Structure Measurements

The NeuroQuant Age Related Atrophy report contains the absolute and relative volumes of the hippocampus, lateral ventricles, inferior lateral ventricles, and the Hippocampal Occupancy Score (HOC). The resulting values are automatically compared to sex- and age-appropriate reference distributions.

Hippocampal Occupancy Score

The HOC is a calculated factor that is used to estimate mesial temporal lobe atrophy. It takes into account the hippocampus volume loss, as well as, the increase in the fluid filled space due to hippocampal volume loss.

Longitudinal Evaluations

A multi time point feature allows for quick and easy comparisons of brain structure volume changes at multiple scan intervals, on the same report.

Assess Potential Mimics

Provides physicians with supplemental measurements to help evaluate and rule out dementia to focus on other possible causes of memory loss, such as normal aging, sleep issues, medication, depression, alcohol, or anxiety.