The NeuroQuant Multi Structure Atrophy report is a two-page report that can be used to assess volume measurements in 9 different brain structures during an initial scan and follow up scans to help physicians monitor Multiple Sclerosis, as well as, other neurodegenerative conditions.


Evaluate Brain Structure Volumes

The NeuroQuant Multi Structure Atrophy Report provides the absolute and relative volumes of the whole brain, lateral ventricles, thalami, cortical gray and white matter, white matter hypointensities, third ventricle, hippocampus and inferior lateral ventricle in a detailed table, and sex- and age-matched reference charts.

Monitor Neurodegeneration

Atrophy of the thalamus, whole brain and lateral ventricles, white and gray matter in addition to T1 white matter hypointensities, are commonly monitored by physicians in their evaluation of multiple sclerosis.

T1 White Matter Hypointensities

The T1 white matter hypointensities provide black hole volume measurements in the white matter.

Longitudinal Evaluations

A multi time point feature allows for quick and easy comparisons of brain structure volume changes at multiple scan intervals, on the same report.