The NeuroQuant Triage Brain Atrophy Report provides physicians a quick reference and in-depth look on regional and global brain structure volumes, which could occur as a result of a brain injury or in neurodegenerative disease, by providing volume measurements of 47 brain structures for both the right and left hemisphere, total structure – all sorted by lobe and region.


Evaluate Brain Structure Measurements

  • With a detailed table of intracranial volume and right, left and total values for normative percentile of ICV.
  • Resulting values are automatically compared to sex- and age-appropriate reference distribution.

High Level Overview & Wide Assessment

  • Allowing physicians to view lobes or subregions, which may have been affected by a traumatic event or condition.
  • Values that are outside the 5-95 percentile normative range are color-coded for quick and easy recognition.

In-Depth Look at 47 Brain Structures

For both left and right hemispheres:

  • Cerebral brain (3 substructures)
  • Subcortical structures (5 substructures)
  • Basal Ganglia (4 substructures)
  • Cingulate (3 substructures)
  • Frontal lobe (7 substructures)
  • Parietal lobe (5 substructures)
  • Occipital lobe (2 substructures)
  • Temporal lobe (10 substructures)