Breakthrough software for improved prostate cancer detection and diagnosis

RSI-MRI+ for Prostate is advanced imaging software to support accurate prostate cancer detection for earlier diagnosis and treatment planning.

Using a patented advanced diffusion MRI technique called Restriction Spectrum Imaging along with artificial intelligence, RSI-MRI+ leverages an innovative tissue microstructure model to improve visualization and quantification of restricted water compared to standard DWI.

RSI-MRI+ for Prostate is FDA cleared and allows physicians to quickly identify areas of restricted diffusion, a hallmark of aggressive cancer.


Restricted Signal Map

Provides increased conspicuity of restricted diffusion compared to high b-value DWI.

Image Fusion

Automatically fuses the Restricted Signal Map with the anatomical T2-weighted image series to support anatomical localization.

Prostate Segmentation

Automatically segments the prostate on anatomical T2-weighted images using an advanced deep learning algorithm.

Quantitative Report

Reports total prostate volume (ml) along with image segmentation results to verify segmentation accuracy.

How it Works

The first commercial imaging software to use an advanced multi-compartment diffusion model, RSI-MRI+ better interrogates prostate tissue microstructure to improve conspicuity of restricted diffusion.

Restricted diffusion is a hallmark feature of many aggressive cancers, including prostate cancer, but it’s often accompanied by other sources of water diffusion within the lesion, making it difficult to detect.

RSI-MRI+ provides a unique characterization of the restricted signal component — called the Restricted Signal Map — which improves visualization and quantification of restricted water compared to standard diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI).