Discover how NeuroQuant can provide your referring physicians with critical information about neurodegeneration identifiable in standard 3D T1-weighted brain images.

NeuroQuant is a breakthrough medical device that is the first FDA cleared, CE marked, and Health Canada licensed software for fully-automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of brain structures important in the assessment of neurodegenerative conditions from ages 3 years to 100. The procedure may be reimbursed by Medicare under CPT 76377. Occurring wholly within your existing PACS infrastructure, NeuroQuant brain volumes reports are automatically generated for your review prior to incorporating into your findings.

Gone are the days of ambiguous, unhelpful and potentially misleading statements, such as “mild involutional changes” and “age-appropriate atrophy.” NeuroQuant will help you provide objective data back to the referring physician. With precise, volumetric data at your fingertips, you can:

Ask Yourself
“How often do I get referrals for cognitive impairment or seizure?”

“How often do I provide meaningful information about the possible presence of neurodegeneration to my referring physicians?”

Enhance Findings

with brain volume information never before provided in the standard radiological read.

Provide Totality

in your assessment of brain MR images to your referring physicians, by providing brain structure volumes equivalent to expert manual segmentation.

Track Progression

of changes to brain volumes with longitudinal scans that trace volume loss quantitatively.

Boost Referrals

along with usage of MRI equipment, as NeuroQuant provides meaningful information beyond the simple ruling out of structural or lesion-based etiologies of patient complaint.

Offer Expertise

make quantitative segmental volume reporting and assessment a routine part of your analysis, without the need for a separate 3D processing lab.