Learn how NeuroQuant can keep you at the forefront of discovery. Get precise, fully-automated volumetric brain data in just minutes.

NeuroQuant is a breakthrough medical device that can make quantitative MRI measurement a routine part of your research. It brings sophisticated, accurate and quantified measurements of neurodegeneration straight to your desktop. NeuroQuant provides you with a convenient means to quantify the volume of the hippocampus and other critical brain structures, enabling you to:

Validate Findings

analytically with NeuroQuant

Make Breakthroughs

to aid in the diagnosis of a variety of brain disorders, including conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and traumatic brain injury.

Join the movement

with researchers at the forefront of discovery, using NeuroQuant as a vital tool.

Combine Data

by creating full spreadsheets of your entire study’s volumetric data with the press of a button.

Explore Brain Development

with our unique Dynamic Atlas™ to study the brain development of children as young as 3 years.