A problem solver at his core, Robbie loves to tinker with and fix things that are broken. He is happiest when he is by fixing things for others, so that they don’t have to worry about them and don’t ever know they were broken in the first place.

As a software developer at CorTechs Labs, Robbie’s focuses on the interconnectivity of devices to and from NeuroQuant and piloting new functionality for the CTXNode. He also works on processing the data that NeuroQuant uses and extracting information from in them in an easy to use format, like the CSV export feature. He is currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics-Computer Science from UCSD, and should be graduating very soon!

Robbie was a surfing instructor in Northern California before moving to San Diego. He then worked as a professional art installer. During this time, his Amazon browsing history suggested he might enjoy some books on programming, and he decided to return to college shortly thereafter. Programming has become a passion, and Robbie enjoys learning as many programming languages he can.

Robbie is excited to apply the things he is learning at university and the fields in computer science that are becoming ubiquitous. He is especially intrigued by Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, and Blockchains, which he believes will revolutionize computing and change the way we use software and interact with computers.