Increase referrals and strengthen your standing among your referring physician network by equipping your radiologists with cutting-edge tools that enable a superior, more complete clinical read on brain structure volumes. Breakthrough volumetric imaging software solutions from CorTechs Labs are disrupting the neuroradiology industry by providing segmented brain images and volumetric data with comparisons to norms directly back to PAC—in under 30 minutes.

Sophisticated, fast and accurate, NeuroQuant® fully-automated MRI post-processing is the first FDA 510(k) cleared, CE marked, and Korea, Australia, and Health Canada licensed medical device software for quantitative analysis from MRI. LesionQuant™, the automated lesion quantification module of NeuroQuant, dramatically reduces the time required to segment and quantify brain lesions. These powerful software solutions provide precise, error-free analyses that improve accuracy in the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease and identification of a curable mimic.

Expand Service Offerings

Increase your organization’s ability to collect and diagnose neurodegenerative diseases using volumetric brain MRIs from 3D T1 images.

Build Referrals

CorTechs Labs' automated segmentation is on par with that performed by human expert neuroanatomists.

Increase Efficiency

Save time and control costs by using automated tools to accurately quantify brain MRIs in under 10 minutes—with no user intervention.

Accelerate Data Access

Access data at any time by installing NeuroQuant locally on your PACS or employ our proxy server to securely store and transfer patient information.


Cutting-edge analysis software supported by the world’s leading neuroimaging tools