Provide meaningful information within minutes. Measure more regions of the brain and generate disease-targeted reports that help referring physicians get a clearer picture of neurological conditions and disease progression. Breakthrough solutions from CorTechs Labs make quantitative segmental volume reporting and assessment a routine part of your analysis—without the need for a separate 3D processing lab.

Intelligent, automated solutions from CorTechs Labs are drastically increasing the amount of volumetric imaging data available to radiologists and physicians while dramatically reducing the amount of time required to obtain an accurate analysis. NeuroQuant® is the first FDA 501(k) cleared, CE marked, and South Korea, Australia, and Brazil approved medical device software for quantitative analysis from MRI. This sophisticated, automated tool automatically segments and measures volumes of brain structures and compares these volumes to norms. LesionQuant™, the automated lesion quantification module of NeuroQuant, provides volumes and counts of new, active, and resolving lesions that aid physicians in disease progression monitoring and clinical treatment planning.

Enhance Findings

Obtain a more comprehensive set of brain volume information never before provided in a standard radiological read.

Automatic Reporting

NeuroQuant brain volume reports are automatically generated within your existing PACS infrastructure for review prior to incorporating into your findings.

Increase Referrals

Provide meaningful information beyond the simple ruling out of structural or lesion-based etiologies of patient complaint.

Medicare Approved

NeuroQuant procedures may be reimbursed by Medicare under CPT 76377.


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