Gather quantitative data to improve the detection of biomarkers for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, prostate cancer, and more. Through CorTechs Labs’ breakthrough neuro-solutions built from FreeSurfer, NeuroQuant®, LesionQuant™, and PETQuant, researchers can and measure 75 brain structures, examine lesion burden and patterns, review automated brain segmentation-slice by-slice, and generate disease-targeted reports to help detect neurological conditions, disease progression, and treatment effectiveness. 

The latest software advancement in diffusion MRI, RSI-MRI+ for Prostate, improves researchers’ and clinicians’ ability to identify areas of prostate cancer using an advanced diffusion MRI technique called Restriction Spectrum Imaging to enable faster, more accurate PI-RADS scoring.

Our software is FDA cleared and CE marked for clinical use (with the exception of PETQuant & RSI-MRI+), integrated into over 800 total sites around the world. Our solutions are currently utilized by the Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt University, the University of Rochester, Johns Hopkins, U.S. Army, U.S. Airforce, Center for Diagnostic Imaging, SimonMed, and more. 

Streamline your research and clinical trial workflow by incorporating the most widely used and clinically approved, objective tools for quantification. 

How Can CorTechs Labs’ Solutions Improve Your Research?

Longitudinal Analysis

Longitudinal reporting enables to you monitor lesion and structure volumes and visually evaluate changes with color-coded overlays and change quantification data when a prior scan data is available.

Save Time

Quantitative data and segmented images are available in your DICOM database in under 10 minutes with unlimited data retention on the NeuroQuant server.

Early and Accurate Detection

Quantitative measurements from MRI brain studies can detect small brain changes and subtle abnormalities that may otherwise be difficult to identify.

Comprehensive Assessment

Quantify lesions and brain structures, including lesion burden, lesion volume and counts, and anatomical lesion distribution.

Flexible Reporting

Collect volumetric data of 75 brain structures and new and enlarging lesions. Support your research by exporting a CSV file that includes over 1,200 points of raw data. Use custom reports to target specific disease states using alternative reference databases.

Accuracy Across Ages 3-100

CorTechs Labs’ Dynamic Atlas™ technology has been validated over thousands of clinical cases, allowing for segmentation of age ranges where anatomical changes in the brain happen more rapidly (i.e. children).

Streamline Findings

Quantify structural changes throughout your study’s lifetime and evaluate treatment effectiveness using a single analysis software. Our FDA and CE cleared software streamlines clinical trials and supports the approval process.