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ideal for physicians, radiologists and researchers wanting to learn more about the technologies driving CorTechs Labs products.


LesionQuant Performance Evaluation: Accuracy and Reproducibility

Quantitative measurements of lesion volume and lesion distribution have significant value for clinicians evaluating disease progression. Subjective measurements based on a clinician’s visual inspection and manual lesion segmentation are often vulnerable to inter- and intra-rater variability, resulting in low reproducibility. This white paper provides a comparison study between manual segmentation and fully automated LesionQuant based lesion segmentation, and report LesionQuant’s accuracy and reproducibility performance.

vMRI white paper

The Importance of Quantitative Volumetric Analysis for Brain MRI

Automatic and consistent volumetric brain imaging is a powerful tool in the evaluation of many neurodegenerative conditions. The clinical applications range from MCI, dementia (AD), MS, epilepsy, to TBI, and the list grows longer every day. Improvements in volumetric imaging technologies, such as NeuroQuant and LesionQuant, allow for the associated biomarkers to be easily implemented in clinical practice.

Dynamic Atlas WP

Dynamic Atlas

CorTechs Labs’ Dynamic Atlas is a multifactorial processing approach which allows the use of the probabilistic atlas at age ranges where anatomical changes in the brain happen more drastically such as in children and young adults. This results in more accurate and consistent brain segmentation in all subjects independent of age and gender.

normative database

Normative Database

A key component of NeuroQuant® is the normative database, which provides NeuroQuant the capability to compare an individual’s brain structure volume measurements to a healthy population. This allows NeuroQuant to deliver a precise indication of where that individual’s brain structure volume lies within an age- and gender- based reference chart, which aids physicians in their assessment of neurodegenerative conditions.